League of Legends K/DA Inspired Akali Face Mask




Keep their eyes on you now with this fully embroidered lower face mask, inspired by K/DA Akali from League of Legends! Made using a soft cotton face mask and colorfast threads (in your choice of gold, or various glow in the dark/black light colors), this mask is perfect for finishing up a costume for your next event. The mask itself measures roughly 8 inches wide, and just over 5 inches tall, not including the straps. The straps are also a soft cotton, and have a slight stretch to them for comfort and size variation! Note: black light image was taken under a dim black light, similar to home lightbulbs or black lights used for raves and photoshoots, etc and glow in the dark photo is with NO LIGHT at all, after the masks had spent about 14 hours under a direct light source.

Wash/care instructions: hand wash cold, lay flat to try. If machine washing, wash using delicate/hand wash cycle in cold water, lay flat to dry.