About Us

A girl, a dream and a machine…

Back in 2011 I purchased my first embroidery machine for personal projects, with help from my parents. A year later I moved across the country, and opened my shop to try and have some sort of income until I was able to find a full time job. As a cosplayer, I had in the past grown frustrated by the lack of quality embroidery available for costumes, without resorting to shady sellers on big sites that might or might not get the items to you in time to finish a costume. Friends had been coming to me for small requests since I got my machine and software, so I decided to branch out and start offering my wares to the general public.

About 8 months after I opened the shop, things began to really pick up, and I realized that I didn’t want to do anything else. Over 5 years later, I have expanded past cosplay patches to embrace nerdy reference patches for the general lifestyle, hoodies, dice bags and sometimes even small plushies. I’ve upgraded my machines to one industrial machine and am excited to see where my journey in embroidery continues to take me.